Dayton Ann Williams, MBA, PMP

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) 
R.E.A.L.℠​ Connection Practitioner, Fort Worth

Certified 3rd Degree Advanced Traditional Japanese Reiki Practitioner, Fort Worth

Dayton is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with niche specialization as a Certified Spiritual (CSC), Relationship (CRC) and Bereavement (CBEC) Coach; an Author - Through the Grief: A Mother's Journey, and Dragonflies: New Beginnings for Healing from Grief and Loss; a Radio Show Host for VoiceAmerica's Empowerment channel - A Light for the Soul that Weeps​; a Speaker; a Certified Traditional Japanese Third Degree Advanced Practitioner; a ​​ Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner ; a Project Management Professional (PMP); and a former Certified Senior Project Manager for IBM.  As such, she has amazing communication skills and the ability to get straight to the source of the problem.

In her journey, Dayton overcame alcoholism through developing a spiritual way of life and practice that has spanned over 33 years.  A commitment to embracing life from the perspective of truth, love and peace supported her own healing after the death of her son, SGT Tyrell Seth Williams, USMC.  Having created a heart-felt desire to help others, she offers a unique approach to healing and wellness.  For the soul that is seeking, she offers to walk with them in their journey of awakening to the beautiful and divine being of love that they truly are.
Dayton is currently providing services as The Holistic Wellness Coach supporting the Body/Mind/Spirit at Dixon Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Fort Worth:  Certified  3rd Degree Advanced Traditional Japanese Reiki Practitioner; Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC); and R.E.A.L.Connections Practitioner.
I spent my life focusing on ‘what I did’ and worked hard to grow and expand personally and professionally; to heal. I accomplished much in all areas however I was left feeling exhausted and it simply did not seem to be ‘enough’. When I re-directed my attention to being responsible for my thoughts, my feelings, and my choices, to making happiness my focus and my responsibility, to embracing ‘who I am’, I experienced the enchanting and magical melding of my physical, emotional and spiritual nature. 

Now, ‘what I do’ is simply a natural and effortless manifestation of ‘who I am’. Rather than feeling exhausted I am energized; rather than feeling unworthy I am celebrating my worthiness. I am compelled to go beyond my experiences, beyond my perceptions, beyond my established belief systems; to discover the magnificence of this time and space in my journey home; to embrace the beauty within my soul; to manifest my unique expression of the Divine; and to walk with others in their journey.