​​Client Comments
​a blessing from those we serve...

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    I feel better balanced. I could tell my strengths and now I feel the whole is stronger than individual parts. It felt like I had a whole body adjustment. As work was being done I felt tension releasing throughout my body and became more aware of my body in general. Expansive in my knowledge and self. A truly relating experience that let me see parts and whole at the same time.
    KRP - R.E.A.L. Connection
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    Like a heavy warm blanket of love was placed on me. I feel at peace. Calm. Happy. I felt completely grounded. I could feel sensation in areas of my body that need healing. It was a powerful yet peaceful experience.
    Amanda - R.E.A.L. Connection
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    Dayton's work with the REAL Connection is absolutely breath taking and I highly recommend everyone experience it!
    Jason Long - R.E.A.L. Connection